Sisters Cabin Endowment Fund $100,000 Matching Grant extended till May 7, 2019!

-For more information please email our Managing Director, Karen!

Our newest hut, Sisters Cabin is now open! Thanks to amazing efforts from our board, staff, and volunteers, Sisters Cabin opened for its inaugural winter season on January 12, 2019!

The Sturm Family Foundation is the leading donor for Sisters Cabin. Sisters Cabin is named for Sue Sturm and her adventurous group of best friends, her sisters.

In honor of the opening of the hut, the Sturm Family Foundation has generously offered a matching grant up to $100,000 for the Sisters Cabin Endowment Fund! The deadline for this grant has been extended until May 7, 2019! This fund will take care of the Sisters Cabin season-to-season in perpetuity.

$1000 donation or greater to the Sisters Cabin Endowment Fund will allow premier access to book a night at Sisters Cabin! This premier access will allow the donor an exclusive reservation prior to the public lottery. In order to book the hut during this premier access, Summit Huts must have the $1000 donation or greater in addition to the booking fee of $700 for one night for the entire Sisters Cabin.

To qualify for premier access for Sisters Cabin, Summit Huts must have the endowment donation. Upon receipt of donation, Summit Huts will contact premier access member for preferred nights and Sisters Cabin booking fee.

Endowment checks should be written to: Sisters Cabin Endowment Fund.

Checks can be mailed to Summit Huts at: PO Box 2830, Breckenridge, CO 80424