Summit Huts Winter 2021-2022 Policies

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Wishes You Season’s Greetings!

Board Changes: Welcome SHA Vice President Ryan Burr

The Summit Huts Executive Board has elected Ryan Burr to the office of Vice President. Ryan has been a school teacher in Summit County for 21 years and brings his creativity, enthusiasm, sense of humor, and work ethic to bear on everything he participates in whether stacking wood at Section House, shaping young minds in the classroom, or guiding Bike and Beer tours. Ryan became a volunteer for SHA in 2015 and was elected to the Advisory Board in 2019. In 2020 he also became a hutmaster. As though all of that weren’t enough, he is the driving force behind planning educational school trips for fourth graders to the huts to foster the next generation of hut users. Few in the history of the organization have been involved in such a multi-faceted capacity and we are thrilled to have Ryan on Board. Get it? See what we did there?

Backcountry Ball

Following a year’s hiatus due to the pandemic, SHA held the Backcountry Ball on October 9 and it was a resounding success! We opted for a smaller more intimate number, made it a hybrid event with indoor and outdoor seating and a smaller silent auction to keep in line with Covid restrictions. This combination proved to be very popular with the attendees and the feedback was very positive.

Thanks to all our generous sponsors, those who contributed to our very popular silent auction, and everyone who attended the event. You played a pivotal part in our biggest annual fundraiser and your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your continued support and the support of this wonderful community. A big shout out too to our amazing volunteers. Your hard work and incredible attitude helped make this event such a great success in 2021.

Thank You, Volunteers!

With all the challenges we have all experienced over the past two years during COVID-19, it was wonderful to once again have the opportunity to work with our absolutely stellar group of volunteers to get the huts ready for the 2021/2022 winter season during this past fall. With the exception of wood stacking day at Francie’s Cabin, we had excellent weather for all of the volunteer events. Though lack of snow in the early season has been a challenge for everyone, thanks in no small part to this group of intrepid helpers we were able to get all the huts open on time. The huts are clean, well maintained, and all supplies are stocked. This exceptional group of people make hard work fun.

Janet’s Cabin helicopter day volunteers taking a quick break between loads of firewood

Summit Huts Association Membership/Lottery

Greetings to all our current members and thank you for your continued support, especially our lifetime members! Well, it is coming up to that time of year when we start to prepare for the upcoming 10th Mountain Hut Association Hut Reservations Lottery 2022/2023. This is the time to start planning for next year’s hut trips (where does the time go)! Purchase/ renew your Summit Huts Membership to ensure your ability to participate in the early booking system via the lottery. The deadline for the application submission for next year’s winter season lottery is February 15th, 2022. As the saying goes, “the early bird gathers the worm” so be ahead of the game! Click on the link to purchase/renew your Summit Huts Association Membership.

Hutmasters- What Are They?

Have you even been on a hut trip in the middle of winter, snow gently falling to cover the tracks you made earlier in the day, a warm fire blazing, a kettle for tea or hot chocolate almost ready on the stove, wondering whether you have the energy to take a sauna with your friends or family? Maybe you’ve asked yourself, “How is it possible for this improbable backcountry refuge to function throughout a six-month winter season?” The answer, my friends, is because of hutmasters. This season Summit Huts has twelve hutmasters who sign up for weekly shifts to go in Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays to restock supplies, shovel snow, check propane levels, fill the photovoltaic batteries with distilled water, and yes- maintain the toilets. They fix items that get accidentally broken like the panes of glass in the wood stove doors. They replace burned out lightbulbs and make sure the drains function properly. Hutmasters pack in supplies that run out mid-season like fuel canisters and pack out items that have broken, worn out, or been replaced. So if you are having a magical night at one of our huts with everything just how it should be, please take just a moment to silently thank a hutmaster.

Janet’s Cabin Plays Cupid

The Newlyweds!

The year was 2019. It was the before times when strangers just… talked to each other without wearing masks, even indoors. The topic of vaccinations never came up in casual conversation unless you had elementary school aged children. During this long-ago golden age, a Summit Huts volunteer named Ryan Burr met a Belgian named Alexi Dubois while on a hut trip to Janet’s Cabin. They became friends. But more importantly, they became ski partners. 

Then the year was 2020, but early so you know… before people sprayed each other in the face with disinfectant if they got within six feet of each other. By this time Ryan had become a hutmaster and was on his way into Janet’s Cabin to do a work shift. He brought his friend and more importantly, his ski partner, Alexi with him to do some runs but also to trick him into doing all the really unpleasant hutmaster tasks like maintenance on the composting toilet vault. Not falling for Ryan’s attempts at subterfuge, Alexi mingled with the hut guests. Among them was Frenchwoman Constance (pronounced “Kon STONSE”). I hesitate to call it love at first sight, but only for as long as it takes to write this one unnecessary sentence. It was love at first sight. Constance became Alexi’s girlfriend. But more importantly, she became his ski partner.
There is a conclusion to this Hollywood-esque story arc so satisfying that it is hard to believe it happened in real life rather than on the silver screen. On Saturday, November 27, 2021 at Janet’s Cabin, Ryan Burr officiated at the wedding of his friend, but more importantly, his ski partner, Alexi and Alexi’s fiancé, but more importantly, ski partner Constance’s wedding.There is a baby on the way. Alexi and Constance don’t have names picked out yet, but if the little one is a girl, we’d like to suggest Janet as a possibility.

Happy Winter Solstice to All. Let it Snow!



Francie’s Cabin is getting an upgrade!

For more information about our interior renovation & sustainability upgrades, please visit HERE.