Summit Huts 2020/2021 Policies

Summit Huts will be open for the winter season! For more information on our updated policies for Winter 2020/2021, please click HERE.

19th Annual Backcountry Ball: Cancelled

We will miss you!

Dear Summit Huts Community,

How we wish we were gathering with you at the 19th Annual Backcountry Ball this evening.

Tonight we would typically be hosting our biggest fundraiser of the year, but as you all know, protocols prohibit us from gathering and celebrating the experience of hut trips with Summit Huts Association (SHA).

We will be operating our huts this winter using new Covid-19 protocols, but early hut closures last spring due to the pandemic have resulted in a 46% loss in revenue for Summit Huts. In a typical year, we would have set fundraising goals to make up minor shortfalls to our operating budget, and our community has always generously supported our efforts at the Backcountry Ball. 

Yes, this winter will look and feel different. That being said, our team is working hard to prepare our backcountry huts for the 2020/21 season at our ever-popular Francie’s Cabin, the adventurous Janet’s Cabin, the historical Section House and Ken’s Cabin, and the modern backcountry icon that Sisters Cabin has quickly become.

So, when you settle in for dinner this evening, please be sure to toast the Backcountry Ball and maybe pick up the phone to connect with a friend you would have seen this evening. We also hope you’ll consider a donation to Summit Huts that’s similar to your typical Backcountry Ball expenditure on tickets, auction items and drinks. We are not an “essential” business as defined by public-health guidelines, but if you’re like us, you know how important these backcountry refuges and experiences are to balancing our lives.

We remain dedicated to our mission of providing the best backcountry hut experience in Summit County, and we cannot wait to share this winter with you, our hut community. Thank you for considering a contribution today in honor of our favorite kickoff to ski season, the Backcountry Ball.


Summit Huts Association

Francie’s Cabin Interior Renovation & Sustainability Upgrade Plans

Coming Summer 2021

Francie’s Cabin is the most visited overnight hut in Colorado!

If you have experienced the warmth of waking up in Francie’s Cabin – sipping coffee and looking out the bay windows at the potential for backcountry adventures in the new fallen snow; then you understand the joy of the Colorado backcountry hut experience.  Having turned 25 years old, Francie’s Cabin is in need of significant renovations and sustainability upgrades to ensure warm, dry and happy mountain experiences for another 25 years.

Here are the proposed plans- remodeling from the new hardwood floors and up! Our goal is to raise $150,000 for the interior restoration and sustainable systems upgrades for our legacy hut – ensuring decades of continued backcountry experiences for our guests!

To do this, we are asking for your help!